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by Dushiyanthini Kanagasabapathipillai

My blog is a non-partisan site with diverse views. It is dedicated to the promotion of ethical journalism—a conscious decision on my part. It captures conflict, culture, events, nature, peace, people, tradition, and other subjects, in articles and photos. I travelled solo to the war zone to capture images—a first for a Tamil woman journalist in Sri Lanka.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Catwalk @ ODEL

ODEL, Sri Lanka's only department store has unveiled its latest collection for the season.A catwalk came alive on August 12 th 2007, unveiling wide range of formal and causal wear.

ODEL’s latest collection of clothes was worn by eight models with appropriate accessories. [See More]

Friday, August 17, 2007

“Waves of Change; Waves of Hope” - Asia Pacific Conference on HIV/AIDs set to begin in Sri Lanka

The 8th ICAAP (International Congress on AIDS in Asia and Pacific) will be held in Sri Lanka from August 19t to 23 rd 2007. There will be 2,000 delegates from 40 countries participating in the international conference. “Waves of Change; Waves of Hope” is this year’s theme. There are many events organized to coincide with the main conference.

A media briefing about the upcoming 8th ICAAP was held in Colombo on Thursday August 16th, announcing details of the 5 day conference. [Read More]

Colombo Aathi Parashakthi Mandram observes “Aadi Pooram”

“Aadi Pooram” fell on August 15th 2007, which was a special day for Goddess. It’s believed that, the Goddess attained puberty on this day. The special day was celebrated by Hindu devotees in Colombo by carrying milk pots from one temple to another; temples and neighbourhoods were filled with various religious ceremonies. Carrying of milk pots was a telling ceremony in the city amidst the peak hours of the morning that began at day beak. There were 340 women carrying pots of milk for the Goddess on her special day. [Read & See more]

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Milk Pots Festival at Sri Rajarajeshwari Ammal temple, Vivekananda Hill

Goddess worship is considered prosperous. Temples are awash with devotees especially on Tuesdays to worship the Goddess.

The annual festival of Paal Kudam (milk pots) of the Sri Rajarajeshwari Ammal temple in Vivekananda Hill, Colombo 13 was held in the morning on August 14th 2007. About one hundred devotees carried milk pots on their head and paraded through Vivekanada Hill, Jampettah Street, New Chetty Street and Barber Street. [Read & See More]

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Poojas offered for forefathers on the auspicious day

Aadi Amavasai, a day sacred to obsequies for the manes. This special day is dedicated to our forefathers, which is observed annually during the Tamil month of July. The new moon in the Tamil month of Aadi is observed with special prayers, poojas and offering of food to the forefathers. Amavasai is a new moon begins its new cycle. [Read & See More]

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Sri Lanka Journalists in Glittering Awards Ceremony

The much awaited annual awards ceremony for the journalists in Sri Lanka got under way glamorously last night. Journalism Awards for Excellence 2006 was held at the BMICH on August 7 th 2007.

There have been more than 450 applicants for the awards this year. Journalism Awards for Excellence 2006 was organized by the editors’ Guild of Sri Lanka and the Sri Lanka Press Institute. The awards were selected by a panel of judges comprised of experienced journalists.
[Read & See More]

Monday, August 06, 2007

Colombo Hindu Temple Observes Transition of Saturn

The leader of the nine planets is Sun. He has two wives-Sayadevi and Ushadevi respectively. Lord Saneeswaran, is also known as Sayaputhran, (son of Saya).

It is said that “Saniyai pol kodupaarum illai; Saniyai pol kedupaarum illai” (there is nobody who will give at the same time obstruct like Saneeswaran).

The Saturn (Saneeswaran) moves his house every thirty months. He moved from Magara Rasi to Simma Rasi on August 5th 2007 at 12.34 pm according to Vaakkiya Panchaangam (almanac).

Special poojas and Yagams (vedic fire) have been orgainsed on the eve of the “Sani Peyarchchi”. A festival of Sani Peyarchchi was celebrated on August 5 th 2007. [Read & See More]

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Knives maker in Puttlam

Sounds of banging on iron in a small place, from where Sampath Perera makes knives of different shapes fills the surroundings of this idyllic roadside on Colombo Road, in Puttlam.
[Read & See More]

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Festival of Paal Kudam (Milk Pots) and Kaavadi

Festival of Paal Kudam (Milk Pots) and Kaavadi of the Arulmigu Sri Sivasubramaniya Swamy Temple in Ginthupitty was held on July 29 th 2007 in the morning. Six hundred devotees have fulfilled their vows by carrying Paal Kudam (Milk Pots) on their heads, and Kaavadi on their shoulders. The festival was spectacular. [Read & See More]